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Review: The Girl Who Fell by S. M. Parker

the girl who fell

For high school senior Zephyr Doyle, high school life has always been about playing hockey, getting good grades that are Boston College worthy, and spending time with her best friends Gregg and Lizzie. With graduation looming, Zephyr can’t help but feel a major case of separation anxiety, even if leaving her hometown of Sudbury has been on her mind for years.

Home hasn’t exactly been the happiest place on earth ever since Zephyr’s dad upped and left. It’s like walking on eggshells every time her mom is around, even if she puts up a brave front for her. And with the last year of high school finally here, Zephyr feels like she’s losing everything that has kept her sane and happy. Everything is changing, everyone is leaving, and she has never been more terrified of the future.

Until good-looking and enigmatic transfer student Alec enters the picture.

For the first time in a long time, Zephyr cannot get a boy out of her mind. There’s something so sexy and mysterious about Alec that draws her to him. Maybe it’s the fact that he also plays hockey and will be joining Sudbury High’s hockey team as a starting goaltender. Maybe it’s the fact that she forgets to function like a normal girl whenever he’s around. Or maybe it’s the fact that out of all the girls in school, he picked her.

Things with Alec get serious pretty fast, and soon Zephyr finds herself ditching hockey events, cancelling best friend dates with Lizzie, and skipping dinner with her mom. Pretty soon, she is making one stupid decision after another and ignoring all the warning signs.

Until everything starts making sense, and Zephyr finally realizes that Alec may not have the best intentions for her after all.

I give this book two stars. One for trying to address the issue of abusive, manipulative relationships that can happen as early as high school. Another star for trying to be a scary, compelling, and suspenseful read. I just wish I liked Zephyr and hated Alec more. I just wish this book was more believable and more realistic.

I, too, was a high school senior once, but even I wouldn’t be that stupid to throw away my life plans just because of a boy. I couldn’t get past that character flaw, to be honest. Alec wasn’t even that irresistible enough. Come. On.

There were good moments, sure, but overall, it was a predictable tale. The suspense fell short, but this book was successful in its attempt to warn teenage girls that no guy should ever manipulate, terrorize, and abuse you in any way, ever. Ever!