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Book Review: Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating by Christina Lauren


It’s a light, fun, hilarious, and quirky story about two best friends who decide that they can’t date one another.

Josh has ruled out dating Hazel because she’s so different. She speaks her mind and feels things in a huge way. Which also makes her the most unique and special person he’s ever met and the best friend he’s ever had.

Hazel, on the other hand, has always liked Josh. She had the biggest crush on him in college. But the countless embarrassing mistakes she committed in his presence has convinced her that she’s undateable in the eyes of perfect, gorgeous, and smart Josh.

So they just decide to set each other up on blind dates with friends they think will be a great match for them.

But with every date that bombs, a real connection between Josh and Hazel is established. Lines are eventually crossed, and questions are finally asked.

Should they keep doing these things that only lovers do and risk losing their friendship? A friendship that is only the most important thing in their lives?

It’s steamy and sexy, with a whole lot of comedy, chemistry, and cuteness! Josh and Hazel are so adorable, and I loved their whole friendship/flirtationship.

Their awkwardness will make you laugh, and their sweet, quiet moments will leave you smiling and feeling giddy.

I just wish the book ended with that last chapter and not with that corny epilogue. I hated the epilogue.