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Review: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

glass sword

Glass Sword picks up from the events that happened at the end of the first book, Red Queen. Mare and Prince Cal barely escape with their lives, but now they know this will not be the last time they will face death and destruction at the hands of Maven and his Silver army.

But before their narrow escape, Mare gets ahold of sensitive information about others just like her. She’s not the only Red with Silver abilities. Astonishingly, there are others like her out there. But if she doesn’t move swiftly, Maven will kill them all, one by one, until Mare comes crawling back to him.

It’s a difficult and deadly mission. As Mare and her team race against time, they are able to find and rescue these Newbloods and train them to control their powers. Other times, they are not as fortunate and get to them too late. With the death count steadily climbing, Mare finds herself in a darker and more destructive path that threatens to consume her and turn her into someone that she vowed never to become. Is she strong enough to continue on? Is the cause more important than the lives of all the people who sacrificed theirs?

Well, a good chunk of this book was spent psychoanalyzing Mare Barrow I almost gave up on it. It took me weeks to finish this book, which is a surprise because I breezed through Red Queen and finished it in a day. Glass Sword was dull and dragging.

Why did Mare have to beat herself up over and over, in almost every chapter? I get that it killed her to see people dropping like flies because of her. I get that she’s just a child thrown in the middle of a centuries-old conflict. I get that it’s not easy to move past the betrayal by somebody she trusted. But come on already. There’s a war to be fought, and you don’t win wars by being a drama queen! There are so many things that Mare did here that completely pissed me off. Suffice it to say, this constant self-questioning, self-doubting, and self-loathing got old super fast.

Mare Barrow is not the only character affected by everything that’s happened. The sooner that she realizes this, the better.

But that’s what you get from a trilogy. You have to get past the second book so you can finally get to the final book. You have to go through the drudgery so that you can find the answers to all your questions. You have to take all the Mare Barrow crap in this second book so that you can hopefully get a decent ending in the third book.

I don’t like the fact that the story only started to pick up towards the end. But still, that’s quite an ending. Another frustrating cliffhanger. But I’m still going to read the third book when it comes out. I have a feeling it will be much better than this one. It has to be!