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Book Review: The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

I REALLY LOVED IT. This book is so darn cute I swear I still have dopey heart eyes.

Also, I have found my fictional boyfriend of 2019!

Sure, there were some situations in the story that were a little too convenient. But this is just to up the cute and awkward factor. Thankfully, it worked like a charm.

Meet our main character Olive Torres. She refers to herself as the unlucky twin.

All those years growing up, it was always her identical twin sister Ami who wins at life. Now she’s getting married to a guy she’s crazy in love with, and she didn’t even have to pay for her wedding because of all those internet contests that she won.

But then a stroke of good luck for Olive, albeit bad for the entire wedding party, including Ami and her new husband Dane. They all fall sick after eating bad shellfish from the wedding buffet.

Only Olive and Ethan, Dane’s hot older brother, came out unscathed.

The two have never really gotten along since day one.

She thinks he’s obnoxious and judgey because of how much she loves carbs.

He thinks she’s just a bitter, cold, and angry human being overall.

But they will have to put aside their personal hatred for each other if they’re going together on Ami and Dane’s Hawaii honeymoon. Ami worked her ass off to win that perfect vacation package, and she’s not going to let it go to waste just because of food poisoning.

Anyway, no one in Hawaii knows that Ami has an identical twin, and that Dane has an older brother who looks a lot like him. It’s a good plan, even if it means pretending to be a newlywed couple on their honeymoon.

Might as well hop on that plane, spend ten wonderful days in paradise, and try her best to avoid being in the same place with Ethan. Sounds easy enough, right?

This is where the fun begins, and this is where you will start to fall in love with these two frenemies.

I know the plot does not sound like a lot, but there are layers to the story that will keep you turning the pages.

I honestly thought this was going to be just a lame, cutesy, and cheesy rom-com about enemies turning into lovers.

I was wrong. It was fun, hilarious, delightful, cute, witty, heartwarming, and oh-so-romantic.

It made me swoon, giggle, laugh out loud, and scream into a pillow while wishing so hard that Ethan Thomas were real so that I could stalk and date him.

I really loved the whole Ethan and Olive dynamic. I super enjoyed their quasi-hatred for each other that I found myself checking how many pages I have left BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT THE BOOK TO END.

Read this if you’re up for a good time, in need of some positive vibes, or simply need to be swept off your feet. Sigh.

Witty banter, sexual tension, cute romance, Maui paradise, loud and meddly family, hot but stuffy guy who says all the right and wrong things, and a main character who takes herself too seriously until she does not. What more can you ask for?