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Recursion by Blake Crouch Book Review


When NYC cop Barry Sutton responds to a call about a woman on a building rooftop about to jump off, she told him that she’s got FMS, or False Memory Syndrome.

She recalled having pain at the back of her head and an awful nosebleed, and then suddenly having all these memories of another life where she was a mother to a nine-year-old boy named Sam and a wife to her husband Joe Behrman. They lived in Vermont, and she and her husband owned a landscaping business.

From the memories that she saw, she knew they were a very happy family.

But how could that be possible when she’s single and works as an investment banker in New York?

The last thing the woman said before jumping to her death was “My son has been erased.”

This is how the story begins, and what follows is a mind-bending, death-defying adventure that travels through different timelines, from the present to as far back as the 1980s,culminating in all things shocking, horrific, or heartbreaking.

It’s up to Barry and Helena, the neuroscientist responsible for creating the technology that’s changing the world and altering people’s memories, to step in and do the right thing before the mistake becomes irreversible and plunges all of mankind into death and destruction.

I’m a huge Blake Crouch fan. When I found out that he had a new book coming out, of course I had to read it the day it gets released!

I enjoyed his previous book, Dark Matter, immensely. Recursion is in the same boat as Dark Matter, but this is really wild, entertaining, shocking, fast-paced, thought-provoking, and yes, romantic even.

It can get pretty confusing when Barry and Helena start jumping to different timelines. It also gets too scientific at one point, but the action never stops.

Pay attention to the dates every new chapter and you’ll be just fine.

I just read that there will be a Netflix adaptation, and it will be both a movie and a series, with Shonda Rhimes and Matt Reeves at the helm. Well, that was quick! It will be really cool to see all those timeline jumps.

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Wayward Pines Trilogy by Blake Crouch


Ethan Burke drives down to Wayward Pines, Idaho, to search for two fellow FBI agents who disappeared there without a trace a year ago. Their last known whereabouts were this small and quiet mountain town that looks too beautiful to be true. What Ethan Burke doesn’t know is that once you enter Wayward Pines, you will never, ever leave. Not because you don’t want to, but because you just can’t.

In Pines, the first book in the trilogy, a man struggles to find answers about Wayward Pines, what lurks outside the electrified fences, and the secret terror that seems to fill the lives of each Wayward Pines resident. In the second book, Wayward, Ethan Burke finally gets his answers and is now coming to terms with the reality of his situation, and how he and his family will survive in such extreme and horrifying living conditions. The third book, The Last Town, is the culmination of the horror that is Wayward Pines, and the most frightening book in the trilogy. My head is still reeling.

It’s quite difficult to give a book review without giving away too much about the story and what Wayward Pines is all about. But let me stress that Wayward Pines the television show has deviated so much from the books, and the show had a totally different ending. I liked the ending in the books much better. I watched the TV show first but felt extremely unsatisfied by the ending, so I had to read the books to find some sort of consolation. I’m so glad I did!

Fans of horror will enjoy this trilogy very much. Blake Crouch is a masterful storyteller. He writes in short, vivid, and powerful sentences that leave you gripped with fear and holding your breath. You don’t want to put it down. I think I finished the three books in just two days. I love how he painted this world so bleak and monstrous, each character struggling to keep what’s left of their humanity. It’s every man for himself now. But what happens to the entire species if they will not start working together to survive? What if death is the release, and life is the prison sentence? Will you give up the fight, or soldier on for as long as you can?