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Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes


hidden bodies

After the harrowing and unforgettable events that happened in the past few months, Joe Goldberg can finally say that his broken heart has healed. He can finally say that he has moved on from the beautiful but troubled Guinevere Beck.

Because now, he has found the perfect woman to love, in the person of Amy Adam.

Meeting Amy was nothing that he orchestrated, nor was it something straight out of a romantic comedy. She was purchasing a rare book using a stolen credit card.

But Joe knew she was something special just by her choice of book, which she had to buy even if it meant blowing her cover. He knew just by her intoxicating beauty and biting wit. He knew that they belonged together, and that he will fall harder than he fell for Beck.

However, just when Joe was starting to feel the first stirrings of love, Amy disappears like a thief in the night. Along with his money and some rare and highly valuable books. When it dawns on him that she had been playing him all this time, something in Joe snaps. He vows to find her and teach her a very hard lesson.

But unlike Beck who had been on Twitter all of the time, and who had written emails like her life depended on it, Amy Adams is off the grid. No social media accounts, no emails, no credit cards, and no permanent address. Locating her will be a challenge. Challenging, but not impossible.

Joe picks up on a lead he finds on his very own laptop. Without any second thought, he packs all of his things and moves to sunny California, where he sets out on a mission to crush Amy’s dreams of being an actress, and eventually keep her silent for good.

Is it freaky to admit that once again I hoped for a happy ending for this psycho killer with good intentions? It felt kind of weird how much I wanted to remind Joe that he has a woman to find and kill, so enough with the Hollywood parties already.

“Hidden Bodies” is less creepy and less suspenseful than “You”, but enjoyable and thrilling all the same. Obviously, there’s less stalking involved, but it still boasts of annoying characters you will want to murder yourself. Thus, the body count here will still leave you feeling strangely satisfied.

Hollywood has different plans for our good-looking, smart, and charismatic Joe Goldberg. In his search for the elusive Amy Adam, he meets plenty of colorful characters along the way. Some I genuinely liked, hated, and fell in love with. That killer ending will leave you wanting for more. You will find yourself rooting for Joe, and hoping that he can get away with murder. And just like me, you will feel helpless and frustrated, because all you can do is wait until Caroline Kepnes churns out the third book.


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