Book Reviews

Hidden by Catherine McKenzie


This is the story of a man who dies tragically one day, leaving behind his wife and his son, and the other woman whom he also loved but nobody ever knew about. His death is so unexpected it leaves two women reeling from the loss. It is only after his death that one will truly get to know the other, and neither is truly prepared to uncover or divulge the truth.

Jeff was a great dad. He was a wonderful husband. He was kind and loving, and he never stopped pursuing her until she fell madly in love with him. Claire couldn’t have picked a better guy. Maybe it was loneliness, or weakness, or sheer stupidity. Maybe it was old familiarity. Tim was Jeff’s older brother, and Claire’s ex-boyfriend whom she had loved very much. But that was a long time ago, and that kiss meant nothing. Nothing at all. Too bad Jeff had to see it.

Jeff was a great friend. He and Tish were office colleagues who shared a love for golf. They talked about their families all the time, and about how proud they were of their kids. Their funny and flirtatious IMs to each other made their 9 to 5 bearable, and so much more. It was only a matter of time before a line was crossed. Their chemistry was electric. Their connection was indescribable. They both knew this could only end badly, like they always do. But not now. Not yet.

Jeff loved his wife more than anything in the world. But he’s not a perfect husband nor she a perfect wife. In a marriage, there will always be that difficult year. So maybe that’s it. But he knew it’s different with Tish. They hadn’t seen each other coming, but now that they’ve found each other, it’s just so hard to walk away.

It’s a love story. It’s a love triangle. It’s a tale of infidelity that opens on a heartbreaking note, and ends on a more heartbreaking one. Everything else in between is just putting together the missing pieces of the puzzle. But more than that, it asks you the question: If you were in Claire’s shoes, would you or would you not want to know whether your husband was cheating on you?

The story is told in three voices. I found it a little confusing, because I had to stop and check dozens of times if it was Claire, Tish, or Jeff talking. They all kind of sounded the same. I loved the conflict in the story, though. I loved how affected I felt each time Tish and Jeff would send those emails to one another. It’s weird, because it felt personal, like they were cheating on me, too. Maybe because I’m a wife, too. So I guess that’s a good thing. Good books should make you feel all kinds of feelings, and with this book, you will feel a lot.


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