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The Look of Love by Sarah Jio

look of love

All her life, Jane Williams has lived with less than perfect vision. Doctors and specialists all over the country continue to be stumped by her condition. Jane has learned to live with the sudden headaches and the foggy vision, though. What she had a difficult time dealing with was losing her mother at a young age, not knowing who their father was, and coasting through life with just her brother Flynn as family.

But Jane cannot complain. Life is still good. She has a wonderful golden retriever, Sam, a lovely apartment decorated with all the things she loves, and friends and neighbors who treat her like family. Best of all, she owns a bustling flower shop that she manages with her friend Lo, something that drives her to get up in the morning and work her butt off.

On Christmas Day, which also happens to be her twenty-ninth birthday, Jane receives a mysterious letter with an equally mysterious message from a woman named Colette Dubois. In her letter, Colette tells Jane that she had been there at the hospital when she was born, and that Jane was given a very rare and special gift: the ability to see love in all its forms.

Suddenly, the headaches and foggy visions begin to make sense. Jane knows now that when her eyes cloud over, it’s because the people she’s looking at are in love with each other.

Before her next birthday, the year that Jane turns thirty, before the sun sets, she must complete an extraordinary task. She must be able to identify and recognize the six kinds of love. Failure to complete this task means a sad and desolate life that Colette does not want for Jane. Quite a dilemma for someone who’s never been in love or in a serious relationship ever, don’t you think?

But with the help of her friends and their dizzying, exciting, inspiring, heartbreaking, and life-changing love stories, love and its many facets are finally revealed to Jane. And maybe, just maybe, this new found
knowledge about love will be enough to save whatever is left of Jane’s own messy and confusing love life.

“The Look of Love” reads somewhat like a bedtime story, featuring modern damsels in distress and their modern knight in shining armors. Focus being on the damsels. It’s nice and light, charming and oftentimes serious. It’s not too fluffy and not too ponderous, either. Highly recommended for fans of sweet love stories and happy ever afters. It just bugged me a little that the writing was so convenient; you’ve got all the characters lined up right there, and all the reader needs to do is pick which couple falls under which kind of love. But overall, it’s a cute book that I didn’t mind devoting one whole day reading.


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