Book Reviews

You’re Next by Gregg Hurwitz


There are bad guys out to kill Michael Wingate and his family.

Really, really bad guys.

They are ruthless, relentless, always one step ahead. And they came out of nowhere.

Michael lived a quiet life in the suburbs. He built his own construction company from scratch. It was not easy, and it almost left them bankrupt. But all their hard work and sacrifice paid off when his company finally launched their very own eco-friendly houses for middle-income families called Green Valley. His wife Annabel is completing her teaching degree, and their eight-year-old daughter Kat is as beautiful as she is precocious. Michael has never broken the law, never gotten into a bar fight, never even been issued a speeding ticket. What can these people possibly want from him?

At first, Michael thought it had something to do with his Green Valley construction project and the fraudulent installation of PVC pipes instead of environment-friendly vitrified clay like he promised to deliver. The governor was breathing down his neck to keep his mouth shut and launch as originally planned. Also, taking down all those newly constructed houses to lay down
the pipework again will cost him millions of dollars.

But the bad guys don’t care about Green Valley. They are after him for an entirely different reason. Michael has to dig deeper into his past, into his life at 1788 Shady Lane as foster kid Michael Doe, into the unexplained circumstances that got him there, and into the real identities of his parents who vanished without a trace. Michael vowed to protect his family even if it killed him, and he will do anything to make these people stop. So with the help of his private investigator friend Hank Danville and his foster brother Shepherd White, they do just that.

It’s the first book I’ve read of Gregg Hurwitz, and this certainly won’t be the last. I enjoyed reading this one tremendously. From beginning to end, the suspense was high. It’s how a suspense thriller ought to be: fast-paced, taut, smart, unpredictable, with just the right amount of family drama and personal battles to move the story forward and take the suspense a notch higher. It was hard to stop reading this book just so I could take a bath, get some sleep, or feed myself. The book plays like a movie, and I wish there’s a sequel that I can look forward to reading next.


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