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Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

never never

She sat inside the classroom with no idea how she got there, who she was, and why she could not remember a single thing about her life. A girl whom she assumed was her friend called her Charlie, so she figured that must be her name. Charlie Wynnwood. According to that girl, Charlie Wynnwood’s got a boyfriend, and his name was Silas Nash.

She had no idea who Silas Nash was, even if she’d been told they’ve been dating for four years now. Heck, she could not even remember her younger sister’s name. How was it possible that she knew who Kanye West was but could not remember the people closest to her?

It’s the same question that Silas Nash asked himself as he sat there in the cafeteria, trying to place the beautiful girl they said was his girlfriend. No matter how hard he racked his brain, he came up with nothing. How could he not remember anything at all? Everybody was a stranger: his girlfriend, his friends, his family, even his housekeeper!

It seemed that the harder Silas and Charlie tried to look for answers, the more baffling the questions become. What happened to them that wiped out their memories? How could they make themselves remember again? Was this a permanent thing? Will they ever regain their memories and get their lives back?

It was all very, very strange.

The book ended in a pretty crazy cliffhanger, and I’m not crazy about cliffhangers. I want my books right there, ready for reading when I want them, with a fitting ending. I know this series will string me along for, maybe, two to three more books? But that’s okay. I thought it was suspenseful and intriguing. I thought it was dark and edgy. I thought Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher did a brilliant job of dropping clues here and there and creating just enough mystery to lure the reader in, without giving too much away. It’s a very quick read and you won’t be able to put it down. Excuse me while I try not to obsess about this cunning little book and the time I will spend waiting for the next installment to come out.


2 thoughts on “Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

  1. thebookishuniverse says:

    I hate when book don’t give a proper ending. I guess I have to have until the next release to read the first 🙂

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