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The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

The Good Girl (Mary Kubica)

For Mia Dennett, there was nothing wrong with talking to the handsome stranger who approached her in the bar. Her sort-of boyfriend James couldn’t make it for the nth time because of some last minute stuff at work, and Mia was feeling pissed off and more than a little adventurous. The guy introduced himself as Owen, a bank teller, and he was pleasant to talk to, and not bad-looking at all. Her apartment was just nearby, so when he asked her if she wanted to go someplace else, Mia couldn’t get out of that bar fast enough. Had she known that Owen had something else planned for her that night, she wouldn’t have gone to that bar at all.

For Colin Thatcher, money had always been a problem. He grew up not having a lot of it. Money was always tight and bills never stopped coming. This job was an easy five grand, more than enough to pay rent, buy groceries and his mother’s medication. All he needed to do was bring Judge Dennett’s daughter at the drop-off and hand her over to Dalmar, a guy he worked for in the past that one simply did not mess with. Colin had it all planned out; following Mia around, surveilling her apartment, talking his head off at that bar to make sure he left with Mia that night. Everything was going as planned, until he changed his mind and took Mia someplace else, completely abandoning the drop-off with Dalmar, in the hopes of saving her life.

When Eve Dennett received a call from one of Mia’s friends from work asking for her whereabouts, she was not instantly worried. After all, her daughter could live without seeing or talking to them for months on end. But when days passed and no one still received any word from Mia, Eve knew in her gut that something bad had happened to her daughter. If they could just find Mia, if she would just come home, Eve swore she would do everything to right the wrongs of the past.

Detective Gabe Hoffman, the seasoned detective assigned to the case of the missing Dennett girl, could already feel the pressure from his boss, from Judge Dennett, and most of all, from Eve Dennett. Days and weeks have passed, and the case was nowhere near to getting solved. However, the more time he devoted to the case, the closer he became to Eve, and her missing daughter seemed like someone he knew so well already. And then one day there’s a break in the case, and he’s finally one step closer to finding the perpetrator, which was not at all what he expected.

The story is told in the points of view of these four characters, before and after Mia’s disappearance. Reading the first few chapters felt very Gone Girl-ish, but the twists and turns of this book totally set it apart. Also, the great reveal at the ending was something I did not see coming, but totally, totally enjoyed. Don’t you just love reading books that leave you scratching your head and make you wish you had thought of that plot twist first? It’s a suspense and a love story that takes its time, with great storytelling and strong characters that will make you wish soooo bad the book ended in a different way.


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