How To Give Erotic Foot Massages

Let’s face it. We all lead very busy, chaotic and fast-paced lives that require us to be constantly on our feet. At the end of the day, our feet are the most battered and exhausted part of our bodies. It does not matter whether you’re wearing your comfy kicks, your flip flops or your killer heels. The feet carry the weight of our bodies on a daily basis, and it’s not every day that we get to treat them to some special pampering.

If you want to treat that special someone to a mind blowing, relaxing, sensuous and erotic foot massage, you most certainly can! Why? Because an erotic foot massage is off the scale in the romance charts. It’s inexpensive. It’s intimate. It’s a wonderful way to relieve stress and to show your partner a marvelous time using just your hands (or other relevant body parts or useful props if you’re creative). And you don’t even need to be a professional masseur or masseuse to do it. Everything you will need can be found right in your home (or your best friend’s house, or the nearest pharmacy). What’s even better is that your foot massage can quickly escalate to a full body sensual massage, which can then lead to an amazing time for you and your partner in bed. Just read along and take note of the following pointers to ensure that you and your partner will have an unforgettable time. These are tried and tested, and soon you will have your partner like putty in your hands.

The Element of Surprise. Walking into your living-room- turned-indoor-massage-spa at the end of a busy working day does not sound too shabby, does it? Imagine the look on your special someone’s face when they realize that a treat is waiting for them. They will instantly perk up as soon as they see the dim mood lights, smell the nice scented candles, and hear the relaxing music in the background. They will definitely loosen up and find that extra reserve of energy for it, and you haven’t even started.

The Pros of Foot Massage. Did you know that the feet are erogenous zones? The feet have four sexual stimulation spots that are linked directly to the genitals! Feet massages are not only a great way to relieve the tension and stress in our bodies, they can also lead to sexual arousal. It increases intimacy in a relationship. It’s also a calming therapy to alleviate feelings of anxiety, bloatedness, or even headaches.

So if you can, never turn down an opportunity to give or receive an erotic foot or body massage. It’s not only a sexy prelude to love making, it will also wake up your senses and turn on the whole-body healing. It’s a different kind of pleasure by using touch to enhance intimacy, connected breathing, and eye contact to intensify the experience. When you are giving or receiving a massage, you are creating and participating in a conscious connection. An erotic massage makes use of sounds, breath and movement to awaken the body and bring it to orgasm. And have I mentioned that it is a wonderful prelude to sex?

The Perfect Spot. Before you begin, find the most comfortable place in your house. Someplace that is quiet where the kids cannot barge into. It has to have good ventilation. Also make sure that you have a soft and comfortable chair that your partner can sit back on. Or if you want to do it on the bed, change the sheets into something soft and luxurious to the touch.

Set The Mood. Bring out the aromatherapy candles. Place some potpourri in a dish and let the fragrance fill the room. If you don’t have them on hand, make sure you drop by the local pharmacy or organic shop. You can choose from a wide variety of scents, like cinnamon, rose, sandalwood or vanilla. If it’s available, you can also pick the more exotic scents for his or her distinct pleasure, like jasmine, patchouli, clary sage, vetiver or ylang ylang. Find out whether your honey prefers something toned down, something earthy or outdoorsy, or something full and heady. Most shops have them in stock. And if you’re feeling unsure, ask the store staff on exactly what you’re looking for and they’ll be able to recommend some for you.

Good Hygiene. Before you dazzle your partner with your fantastic massage techniques, make sure that you have taken a shower, and that your hands are clean and your nails are trimmed. No one wants a wayward hangnail scratching your skin in the middle of a supposedly relaxing massage.

Play Some Good Music. And I don’t mean the usual Beyonce or Coldplay kind of good. Make a playlist of soothing instrumental music on your iPod or iPhone. Choose something piano jazzy, or saxophone jazzy. How about some soft, sexy blues? You can also compile or download nature tracks that will play the sounds of the falling rain, or the crashing of the waves on the beach, or the soft rustling of the leaves against a gentle breeze, or the sounds of the rainforest. Just make sure that you have enough tracks to play continuously for the next hour or so. Nothing kills the mood better than a room suddenly filling up with dead silence, or you having to get up to click on the next track on the playlist.

Food and Drinks. Chill a bottle of your favorite wine, buy some delicious chocolates or some really good cheese and have them ready to eat and drink beside your massage corner. You may probably have to advise your partner in advance to not eat a heavy meal, as your foot massage can possibly lead to a full body sensual massage.

Unplug. Devote the next few hours completely to your partner by turning off all the unnecessary gadgets and appliances in the house. They could distract the both of you from the pleasure that you will be providing and your partner will be receiving. If you have kids, make sure that they won’t be running in to the room to ask for an extra scoop of ice cream or for a bedtime story. Anticipate and prepare for all possible distractions.

Getting Started. Get a small, soft pillow and a hand towel and place them on your lap. Make sure that your partner is seated comfortably on a chair, or lying on the bed, with their feet resting on your lap. Although it will be all about your partner’s pleasure coming up, you must remember to sit comfortably as well. Make sure that your seat is not too high and not too low, or that you’re sitting Indian style, or kneeling on the bed. Watch out for your posture. Also make sure you have everything you will need within reach. We don’t want you standing up abruptly when you need to get some more lotion or need to change the song in the player, dramatically killing the momentum. 

Light As A Feather. Awaken your partner’s skin by touching the soles of their feet with a feather. Make your way to the instep, gliding the feather as lightly as possible. Your partner will be tickled outrageously, but just let them enjoy the sensations and allow them to squirm and giggle as you continue the tickle torture.

Lotion or Oil?  Stroke your partner’s stress off by putting on some oil, lotion, moisturizer or cream, whichever your partner prefers. Pick out something that smells good, preferably something that feels cool and soothing to the skin. Massage oils are the easiest to apply. They just glide onto the skin perfectly, but they do have that slippery, oily feeling that will linger, which your partner may not feel very comfortable with. They are also light and have great consistency and will not ruin your upholstery, towels or sheets.

If you opt to use massage oil, you can go for jojoba oil as this does not have a very strong smell. It smells pleasant but not in an overpowering way, and it can be found at any local pharmacy, health food store or spa shop.  Other top choices you can try are sweet almond oil or apricot oil.

Lotions and creams will be a bit thicker and can dry up quickly after the initial application, but they basically provide the same soothing effect on the skin. But unlike oils, they can leave quite a mess on towels and sheets after.

Warm Up. Start by doing some warm up on your partner’s feet. Support the heel with one hand. Rotate the foot in a circular motion three times clockwise, and then counterclockwise. Repeat with the other foot.

Nice and Slow. Start slow and gentle. Begin at the top and end in the soles of the feet. Use both of your hands while holding one foot first, with the heel resting on your lap or on the bed, and the toes facing upwards. Rub the foot with your thumbs in slow circular motions as you make your way to the instep. Then stroke the “meaty” parts of the foot with the same rolling and circular motion. Don’t forget to ask your partner if the pressure is okay, if he or she likes it. At this point, your partner will most definitely be starting to loosen up and feeling the stress going away.

Watch For Your Partner’s Reaction. It can be a soft sigh of contentment, a muffled moan of pleasure, a sharp shriek of delight. It can be her biting her lower lip, or him closing his eyes in satisfaction. Any reaction is welcome. This way you will get a heads up whether you are rubbing it too hard, or you are rubbing it so well.  Feedback is a good thing.

 Stroke It Up. Continue with the circular motions up and down the insides of the foot. Massage the muscles and not the bones. Focus on the sole, the arch and the toes. Stroke the center of the foot from heel to ball. Work your way from the top of the foot, between the bones of the toes, down to the arch, to the instep and to the heel. Pull on the toes and rotate them in circles.

When your partner is busy enjoying the foot massage, divert the pressure to your partner’s leg, slowly stroking and rubbing your way up to the thigh. Slowly and languorously make your way back down to the foot again.

To break the monotony of your hands and fingers on your partner’s skin, you can use your tongue to lick and tickle the soles of your partner’s feet. You can use your teeth to gently nip on their toes or the balls of their feet. Make eye contact as you do this, and let your partner feel the warmth of your breath as it travels up and down their skin. You should now feel the excitement emanating from both you and your partner as you prolong this activity.

Talk Softly. Talk to your partner in your sexiest bedroom voice. Make eye contact. Plant soft kisses on your partner’s skin to punctuate your words. Ask your partner if she likes it when you do this, or when you do that. “Is this hard enough?”, “How does this feel?”, “Did you like that?” Ask what else your partner wants you to do later on.

Kiss, Lick, Rub. Kiss your partner’s feet. Lick their toes. Rub that space between the toes in slow, tantalizing motion. 

Vary Your Strokes. You can use one hand, both hands, palms only, fingers only. You can even use your fists to vary the pressure of your massage. Always keep your hands on your partner. If you need to get more oil or more lotion, do it with one hand and keep the other one stroking. Try light touches followed by some firm rolling and kneading.

Take Your Time. Make your partner feelthat you are there at his or her service and that you are not going anywhere. You are there to provide a pleasurable time and it will go on for hours.

The Leg and the Ankle. Don’t focus on just your partner’s feet. Extend your strokes and rubs to the leg and ankles as they, too, are tired and in need of some really good pampering.

Bring In More Pressure. By now your partner will have warmed up and loosened up and will be ready for more firm touches. Apply more pressure on the heels, balls and toes, and be careful with the middle section of the feet. We don’t want to hurt the sensitive bones and tendons located there.

Enjoy It. Show your partner that you enjoy touching him or her, punctuate it with kisses on the sensitive parts of their feet. Smile and don’t hesitate to show your pleasure by moaning or sighing, too. The longer and harder you work your hands on your partner’s body, the more pleasurable and enjoyable it will be for the both of you.

Eye Contact. Look at your partner and tease him or her with your eyes. Make eye contact intermittently. Make them wonder what’s going on in your head, and what other surprises you have in store after you’re done. Keep them guessing and looking forward to more.

Don’t Be Shy. Don’t be tentative. Make it look like you’ve been doing this for a long time now. Your partner will enjoy the experience more. Make sure to look like you’re having fun and you know what you’re doing.

Use Your Imagination. Plant feather-like kisses in between stroking action. Vary your gestures of affection while looking at your partner’s eyes and seeing the satisfaction on their faces.

The Calves and the Thighs. Apply the right amount of pressure as you start massaging the thighs. As this part is mostly flesh, it’s not that complicated and does not pose any possible injury to your partner. The thighs, though, are where the sexual tension builds up. You can tease your partner by interspersing light touches and quick kisses with firm strokes, raking your fingernails up and down on the insides of the thighs, gently spreading the thighs apart to stretch and leaving your partner waiting for more.

Offer More. Now that you have finished paying attention to your partner’s tired feet, it’s now time to go the extra mile by asking your partner whether he or she would like the rest of their body massaged as well. By this time, they would still be reeling from the wonderful effects that your foot massage provided, and they will most likely be agreeing to have more. And you are only too happy to oblige.

Focus On These. The neck, the shoulders, and the toes. Even if it’s not a sensual message, any time your partner needs to take the edge off, a quick massage on the neck, the shoulders and the toes will help a lot.

Sensual Massage. If you have the time for a sensual massage, the three things you need to focus on are the pelvis, the inner thighs and the lower back. Devote more time in giving your partner a sensual massage.

Warm Up Again. Have your partner lie down on their stomach. Reapply some oil or lotion on your hands and rub it in your hands first before you start on your partner’s upper back. Start to move your hands slowly from the neck and shoulders, working your way downwards and to the extremities. To ensure that you’re doing it right, start in the middle of the back and move outward and sideways.

The Hands and the Arms.  Who doesn’t love a good hand massage? Next to the feet, the hands are the most overworked part of our bodies. Work your way down to your partner’s hands and arms. Make use of your thumbs to stroke the palms, making sure to give attention to each finger. Your partner is sure to enjoy the hand massage as an extra treat. When you’re done with the hands, work your way back up to the arms with the same rolling and kneading action. Do not hesitate to lick a finger or two.

The Neck and the Head. Now that you’re doing the neck and the head, it’s good to remember to ask your partner if the pressure is good or if the pressure is too much.  The neck area is a sensitive area. We don’t want to end up hurting our partner in the end, so just watch out for any signs of discomfort or pain as you massage your way in the neck and nape areas. The scalp massage, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward. It is best if you use your fingers to massage the scalp all the way in front to the forehead. You can intersperse the use of your fingers with the soft grazing of your fingernails.  Gently massage the temples by making small circles and then move on to the forehead using the same motion.  Don’t forget to sprinkle random kisses on the neck as you go along. Your partner will love the sensations.

The Back. There are various types of massage strokes which you can apply when you start massaging your way on your partner’s back. You can use your fingertips, your thumbs, your hands or palms, your fists, even your fingernails as you gently graze your partner’s spine. Vary your hand movements. Why not try massaging one shoulder with one hand and the middle of the back with the other? And don’t forget to give special attention to your partner’s butt. Squeeze the butt cheeks together while stroking in circular motion and then spreading them slightly apart after. Again, don’t forget to plant kisses along the tailbone, the spine, the neck and the shoulder blades. These are very sensitive areas that will slowly drive your partner wild. By this time, the anticipation has built up and you are slowly peaking to the highlight of the night. Have some more patience as the work is not yet done.

The Front. So now you have your partner lying flat on their back, body glistening and throbbing with the pressure of your hands, and it’s time to take it up a notch. Apply some more massage oil or lotion and slather liberally to your partner’s chest and stomach. Allow your fingers to gently graze that sensitive area before launching into a firm and steady massage. Pepper your hand movements with light kisses on the skin where your hands have been. Give your partner a kiss on the lips and maintain eye contact as you massage their abdomen and their chest.

Full Body Rubdown. By now your partner’s body will be tingling with sensations and arousal. It is up to you to get their body relax down again or to continue lighting up their senses on fire. Give your partner one last full body rubdown, starting from the head and the scalp, down to the neck, the chest and the back, the thighs, the legs, and finally back down to the feet. Ask your partner how they liked the massage while gradually reducing the pressure so as not to disturb their peaceful state of mind.

Massage Sex. You don’t really have to end an erotic massage with sex. Sometimes being in that deeply relaxed and blissfully lazy state that follows a sensual massage is nearly orgasmic enough. If you and your partner truly understand each other’s needs, just knowing that you have satisfied your partner is should also be satisfying enough. Sometimes having sex immediately after overshadows the intense experience that was the sensual massage.

Returning the Favor. When you give your partner a long sensual massage, it’s nice to also get the same kind of massage from them. But it does not have to be right after you give them theirs, otherwise, they might end up not able to fully enjoy the experience because at the back of their minds, they know they’ve still got work to do after. So accept your partner’s sincere thanks and lavish praises. Bask in the glow that you have made someone happy and content with just your bare hands and that they’d be looking forward to it again in the very near future. And then tell your partner to relax and enjoy, and that they can return the favor the some other day.  

Giving a mind blowing erotic foot massage, or any sensual massage, requires time and commitment to see your partner relax and let go. Never rush, never interrupt, and never break the continuous touch of your hands and fingers on your partner’s skin. Allow your partner to fully enjoy the experience you’re affording them without thinking that they need to reciprocate. It’s always best to remember that giving erotic massages are not a means to get laid. It’s more about bringing and giving pleasure to your partner and exploring other ways to get a different kind of sexual experience with each other. It is a means to communicate your feelings towards your partner with the aid of your hands, your touch, your breath and your eyes. It is a way to tell your partner how much you desire them without words involved, and also a way for your partner to acknowledge and bask in these emotions with how they react to your touch. The next time you want to make that special person feel extra special, take some time off and whip out your massage arsenal. An erotic foot massage is always a nice idea. The more frequent you give your partner a foot massage, the more experienced you become at doing it, and the more familiar you become to your partner’s body . You don’t need to read this instructional guide again in the future as you will be so in tune to your partner’s body. Start working on those sensual strokes now and impress your partner tonight!


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