Book Reviews

Life In Outer Space by Melissa Keil

Sam Kinnison’s sixteen years of existence on earth is just pure, unadulterated geekiness. His best friends, and only friends, Mike, Adrian and Allison, are also geeks of varying levels. Their high school lives at Bowen Lakes Secondary School are plagued by torment by the resident bully Justin Zigoni. So they try to survive high school, and Justin, one day at a time; their preferred method of concealment being lunch in the safe confines of the IT room, or hiding in empty classrooms at the last second.

Everything changes when new girl Camilla Carter arrives on the first day of school. She wears weird vintage clothes that would look ridiculous on another girl but not on her. She has a sort-of famous dad who writes about rock stars and rock music. She has traveled and lived in so many places, and partied with celebrities. She even has a real tattoo! She is beauty and coolness personified, and Sam cannot begin to comprehend Camilla’s ability to NOT be grossed out hanging out with him and his friends.

Despite Sam’s severe lack of social skills, he finds himself starting a friendship with Camilla, sharing his most favorite movies with her (complete with commentary and trivia), taking guitar lessons from a cool older guy at her insistence, saving her dwarf in World of Warcraft more times than he can remember, holding her hand during a particularly nasty episode of stage fright, and even wiping her nose when she gets sick with the flu. And when Sam’s parents get divorced, and when friendship drama with Mike, Adrian and Allison becomes unbearable, it is Camilla who’s there for Sam to help him get through the sucky days.

Sam’s life is suddenly altered, his head and his heart a confused mess, and Justin Zigoni’s reign of terror finally comes to an end, all because of Camilla.

Completely clueless in the ways of love, or girls, Sam exits the friend zone, gets his head out of his ass, and ventures into uncharted territory. If only he can figure out a way to confess to the most incredible girl he has ever known that he’s completely in love with her without looking and sounding like a massive tool.

“Life In Outer Space” is so. Much. Fun! Sure it’s got a simple storyline with a not-too-complicated plot. But what makes it special are the quirky characters, the witty dialogue, the sweet chemistry, and the non-stop hilarity. It’s sweet without being cheesy, charming like first love, and laugh-out-loud funny, with tons of movie references and other geeky stuff that geeky people can relate to. It’s both serious and hilarious, and the banter between the characters is just so naturally funny all I want to do is fist-bump them all. I finished the book with a huge smile on my face. I bet you will, too.


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