Book Reviews

This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper

Judd Foxman is a thirty-something successful radio show producer whose existence is suddenly reduced to shit when he comes home and walks in on his wife and his boss having sex on their own bed. 

As if a cheating wife is not devastating enough, Judd also finds out that his father has died of cancer. 

Reeling from the shock, betrayal, humiliation, and his own stupidity for not having figured out that his dad was even sick at all, or that his wife was screwing someone else for months, Judd finds himself at his parents house to sit “shiva” with the whole family. 

That means seven days under one roof to mourn the death of his father while friends and relatives come in droves bearing food and sympathies. Judd’s family has not been together for years, and for good reason. Whenever they come together, it is never peaceful, never quiet, never dull. And it is up to Judd, his mother Hillary, his brothers Paul and Phillip, and his sister Wendy, to rise above their deep-seated issues and daily unfolding personal drama and honor their late father’s dying wish.

It’s a totally hilarious and massively entertaining novel that will leave you in stitches. It’s about family, marriage, friendship. It’s about growing up, not growing up, and growing old. It’s about love, heartbreak, success, loss, defeat and triumph. It’s very in-your-face, written in a brutally honest male voice, chock full of sentiments and realizations, and the whole book plays out like a really funny movie.



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