Book Reviews

The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

Bartholomew Neil is a 39-year-old man whose only real relationship in life is the one he has with his mother. He has no friends, has no job apart from being his mom’s caregiver, is not interested in age-appropriate activities, and lists having a drink at a bar with a male friend as one of his life goals. 

His life is uncomplicated and complicated like that. 

When he loses his mother to cancer, the break in his routine drives him to write letters to actor Richard Gere, his mom’s most favorite Hollywood celebrity ever. 

Richard Gere becomes an imaginary confidante of sorts, his imaginary alter ego, the more experienced and more confident version of himself.

Gradually, Bartholomew finally understands his mother’s motto about ‘the good luck of right now’. With the help of Wendy (the troubled therapist), Father McNamee (the priest who quit), Max (the cat lover who peppers every statement with “fuck”), and Elizabeth (the lovely ‘Girlbrarian”), all of his life’s mysteries are answered, and the future does not seem to look so bleak.

It’s a very likeable, hilarious, and enjoyable read, with tons of wisdom you get to keep with you. Very sentimental and touching, sweet, quirky and funny. Just the way I like it.



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