Book Reviews

The Geography Of You And Me by Jennifer E. Smith

Lucy and Owen’s first meeting leaves a lot to be desired: inside the dark and stuffy elevator of their Manhattan apartment building during a massive blackout. 

They are rescued from the elevator, and with nowhere else to go, nothing else to do and no family at home to hang out with, they retreat to the quiet sanctuary of the building’s roof top. 

They spend the night gazing at the inky black skylittered with thousands of bright stars, sharing melted ice creams, and they talk about the places they want to visit, places they want to settle in; being everywhere, and being somewhere. Neither one of them can explain the strange sweet connection, and they just know that this could be the start of something special. 

But Lucy wakes up the next day to find Owen gone. And when she finds him again, it’s only to tell him that they are moving away to London. Owen also has news of his own. He and his father are going on a road trip, to start over, and to just see where life will take them.

What follows is a romantic, old fashioned courtship of the cheesy postcard and email exchange variety. Lucy and Owen are hundreds of miles away from New York City, but it seems that they have left behind their hearts at that very special roof top.

It’s a sweet, romantic, happy love story that will make you smile and feel giddy all over. A story about how two people can still work despite the distance, about how four words like “wish you were here” can send your heart and senses on overdrive.



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