Book Reviews

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

An alien apocalypse has wiped out the world’s population and only few survivors remain, including our heroine Cassie Sullivan, a regular 16-year-old high school kid before the Arrival, who will do everything in her power to get back her five-year-old brother Sammy from the clutches of the alien powers that be. 

Cassie has lost her parents and all the people she cares about during the First, Second, Third and Fourth Waves, the Others’ horrific and systematic purging of all of Earth’s inhabitants, and there is no one left to be trusted. Absolutely no one. 

She barely escapes with her life after an encounter with a Silencer, alien soldiers living inside human bodies deployed to eradicate survivors, and wakes up in the home of quiet and mysterious Evan Walker, a young man who nurses her back to health and teaches her to fire a gun but whom Cassie is uncertain whether to trust or not.

It’s an engaging, fast-paced and exciting read fans of The Hunger Games or the Divergent trilogies will enjoy. Terrific suspense with just the right amount of humor and romance. I cannot wait to read the next book in this trilogy.



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