Book Reviews

Night Music by Jojo Moyes

Isabel Delancey has just lost her husband to a car crash, and their family is still reeling from his loss when she realizes that he has left her with more debts and basically no money to keep their London home and their comfortable lifestyle. And then one day she receives a letter telling her that a great grand uncle has left her a house in the suburbs. 

Laura McCarthy has been looking after old Mr Pottisworth for years now, taking care of his daily needs and tending to whatever she could in the ramshackle house. He is the only surviving member of his family, and when he passes on, there is no one to inherit the old house but Laura. At least, that is what she is hoping will happen. After all, owning that house has been her husband’s obsession ever since his parents were accused of something they did not do and thrown off the land. 

So when Isabel and her two children move to the old Spanish House, Matt McCarthy, Laura’s husband, is more than a little unhappy. He offers to do renovations in the house, with the intentions to make it more uninhabitable than it already is, and to eventually force the Delancey family to move out and sell the house.

It is a nice, easy read, with characters that started out as weak but came out strong in the end, and vice versa. It explores the lives of the people with ties to one very special house, and how one seemingly old and decrepit thing can offer bright hope and a fresh new start.



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