Book Reviews

Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

Famous but reclusive writer Senna Richards wakes up one day on a strange bed inside an unknown cabin, at an unknown place in the dead of winter. She has no idea how she got there, and no idea who has taken her captive. 

The closet is filled with new clothes in her size. The sheets on the bed are clean and luxurious. The house is stocked with piles and piles of wood for fire, and the pantry is stuffed with food and supplies to last for months.

In another room she discovers that she is not alone. Lying there bound and gagged is Isaac Asterholder, the surgeon who saved her in the past from her own chaos, vulnerability and destruction.

There is a reason why they have both been abducted. Senna and Isaac fight a daily battle to survive the harsh conditions and each other. They try to make sense of the sick situation before their minds and bodies finally give out. The end is surprising and not at all pretty.

Not sure whether to give this book one star or two. It’s not a happy book. It’s dark, distressing and disturbing. To be fair, it’s well-written with well-paced storytelling, and the right amount of suspense. However, it has such a contrived plot. The main characters are too broken or too destructive that reading about them felt laborious and frustrating. I appreciate a character with enough flaws and personal drama, but not too much. Not THAT much.



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