Book Reviews

Mirror Image by Sandra Brown

It’s a romance book trying to pass as a suspense thriller.
The plot sounds almost like science fiction: news reporter survives a plane crash, rescues a child from the burning wreckage and then wakes up in the hospital with tons of injuries and scars, rendering her unrecognizable and temporarily unable to speak. Everyone addresses her as Carole Rutledge, the wife of popular senatorial candidate Tate Rutledge. She comes to realize that everyone has mistaken her as the senatorial candidate’s dead wife, but before she can let everyone know of the mix-up, a mysterious man visits her in hospital and tells her in not so many words about the assassination plot for Tate Rutledge. Voila, instant new identity and possibly a Pulitzer Prize-winning news story that will shock the world. 
I had high hopes for this book. Story is entertaining and engaging enough, but the characters are weak and predictable. Also, a lot of unnecessary scenes could have been omitted. But the book succeeds in drawing you in and making you stick around to know who the real mastermind is. But if this had been a movie, it would probably just enjoy a DVD release.

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