Book Reviews

Don’t Go by Lisa Scottoline

It’s the first book I read from author Lisa Scottoline, and I guess it also won’t be the last. 

I liked that the main character is a decorated war hero who saves lives in Afghanistan as a trauma surgeon. Tragically, his tour of duty ends after being heavily injured in an IED attack during a routine patrol. He reluctantly comes back home to finally deal with the untimely death of his wife Chloe, a beautiful and well-loved art teacher who dies in a freak accident in her own kitchen while he is away on service. And because of permanent injuries suffered in the bomb blast, he must also explore career options other than practicing as a podiatrist. He also needs to start being a father to his baby girl Emily. 

As he tries in vain to be a dad and to come to terms with the loss of Chloe, he discovers a dark secret that will shatter his world. He plunges in a downward spiral, out of control, and then struggles to clean up his act and vows to find out what really happened no matter what the costs.

Book fans who like family drama will definitely love this book. It’s emotional, heartfelt, uplifting, and brings to light what our soldiers go through everyday in and out of the battle zones. It’s true that they do not come back the same men again, but it’s also true that their families who wait back home suffer and fight everyday alongside the men they love.



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