Book Reviews

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Title is pretty much self-explanatory. It’s a romantic comedy told from the point of view of Paul, an openly gay high school sophomore in a super gay-friendly town somewhere in New Jersey, living with his super supportive family, and coasting the school halls with his tight-knit lesbian and gay friends. One day, he meets newcomer Noah, and both instantly feel an inexplicable attraction that quickly escalates to one of the happiest relationships they’ve ever had in a long time.

Their relationship hits a snag and things unravel much faster than Paul can do damage control. It is up to him, with the help of his ever colorful friends, to get the guy of his dreams back before it’s too late.

I totally loved this book. I thought it was incredibly funny, witty, happy and romantic. So many interesting characters (my favorite has to be Infinite Darlene, formerly Daryl, football quarterback AND homecoming queen) and while reading it, I even wished I had a LOT more gay and lesbian friends. There’s plenty of “kilig” moments in the book it doesn’t matter whether you like boys or girls, or both. It’s young, positive, uplifting and a truly feel-good story. Never mind the fact that in reality it’s almost always never the case.



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