Book Reviews

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Anna is sent by her parents to France to finish her senior year at the School of America in Paris, and as a result, she leaves all the familiar things and all her favorite people back home in Atlanta, including her little brother Seany, her best friend Bridgette, and her almost-boyfriend Toph. It will be a year of homesickness. She knows nothing about France, cannot speak or understand a word in French, and has no friends to break her in. 

Enter cool guy with the sexy British accent Etienne St. Clair from the dorm room upstairs. He becomes an instant friend, and Anna gets acquainted with this fascinating new city with the help of Etienne and his crew. Anna, much to her trepidation, discovers that she wants more than his friendship. But what can a regular American girl do when the guy she is crushing on has been going out with his girlfriend since, like, forever?

It’s a fun, funny and adorable love story set in the most romantic city in the world, what’s not to like? For once, I did not get annoyed by the main character and how much she thinks the English boy is hot and how hopeless her romance situation is. Her awkwardness, quirkiness and sense of humor balanced everything out. Light, quick read that will make you feel nice and warm all over.



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