Book Reviews

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

Jodi has always known that her partner Todd has been having affairs in their almost twenty years of living together, but she has never been the kind to confront him and make a scene and make his other women’s lives a living hell. She likes to think she is a much classier, more controlled and more secure woman to resort to that kind of humiliation. 

So when Todd tells her one day that he is leaving her for Natasha, his best friend’s twenty-year-old daughter, who also happens to be pregnant with his son, Jodi cannot believe that he will be that stupid enough to give up the beautiful home and the comfortable life they built together. 

Jodi then realizes what will become of her as soon as Todd marries Natasha. She will lose her home, her financial status, her self-esteem, and she will be written off in Todd’s will in favor of the new legitimate wife.

A good friend offers to arrange for all her problems “to go away” and then she can get her life back. Jodi finds herself saying yes, comes up with the money, books a flight to Florida for a fool proof alibi, and waits for the repercussions of her actions to come flooding in.

I can understand why people compare this book to Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl”, but the only similarity I found is that they are both told from the perspectives of the man and the woman. It was a wicked pleasure to read. Gripping, chilling and dark. Two truths: A woman scorned is a force to be reckoned with, and revenge is truly best served cold.





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