Book Reviews

The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty

Beautiful and successful hypnotherapist Ellen O’Farrell has had enough of bad relationships with unsuitable men. At thirty five, she finally decides to be proactive about her love life and joins the exciting world of internet dating. 

She meets gentle and kind Patrick Scott, a businessman who runs his own surveying company, who is also a widower raising his 8-year-old son Jack. They hit it off instantly, and Ellen can really see herself raising a family and building a future with this man.

Patrick then tells her should she decide to be in a relationship with him, she has to know about Saskia, his ex-girlfriend who has been stalking him for the last three years.

Saskia and her emails, phone calls, text messages, notes on his car, unwelcome visits at his office. Saskia tailing his car wherever he goes, watching Jack at his football games, dropping by unannounced at his parents’ house, breaking in his house to clean and cook meals. Saskia suddenly appearing out of nowhere during his dates with Ellen.

It’s the kind of book that you really cannot put down. Why Saskia resorted to stalking her ex is such a heartbreaking tale, and despite her psycho ex-girlfriend status, I found myself feeling sorry and rooting for her. I don’t disagree at all that utter heartbreak and loss can unleash the crazy in every one of us.



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