Book Reviews

Six Years by Harlan Coben

College professor falls in love with a mysterious woman he meets at a secluded art retreat in the mountains of Vermont. Affair is cut short when said woman suddenly announces that she is getting married to another man and explicitly tells him never to contact her again. EVER. 

Six years later, college professor still carries a torch for mysterious woman (which is unrealistic and lame if you ask me) and has his hopes up when he stumbles upon mysterious woman’s husband’s obituary. He decides to express his condolences by going to the funeral personally. Only problem is that it is a different widow he sees there, and no one seems to have any recollection of this woman that he fell in love with six years ago. Yep, vanished without a trace, like she never even existed. 

For a college professor, Jake Fisher really makes a lot of stupid decisions. I appreciate the fact that he’s supposed to be just a regular guy thrown in to a web of mystery and murder, but a reader can only take so much. There’s a promising and exciting back story here, but I spent most of the time rolling my eyes at the main character’s dialogue and decision-making, he just plainly ruined it for me. Maybe the film version will be much better? After all, Hugh Jackman will be playing Jack Fisher in the movie, and Hugh Jackman is always a good idea.



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