The Road Less Travelled: Parapsychology Schools

If you are among the growing number of people fascinated with anything parapsychic, you might want to study in one of the parapsychology schools in the country. Not a lot of people know that there are schools like parapsychology schools around. People would normally choose to take business studies or scientific studies over something that can teach them to harness their clairvoyant capabilities. But there are still quite a lot who wish to learn and study more about these things, hence, the growth of parapsychology schools in recent years.

First off, what is parapsychology? Basically, parapsychology aims to answer what normal psychology cannot. The word ‘para’ is Latin for beyond, and psychology is the scientific study of the human mind. Simply put, parapsychology is the study of what is ‘beyond psychology’.

You can learn parapsychology in two ways. There are parapsychology schools which you can physically go to and take lessons in actual classrooms with other like-minded classmates. There are also parapsychology schools which you can enrol in online.

Parapsychology schools are a lot like other schools. Parapsychology schools give their students exercises on facts and figures, theories, positions and arguments. But unlike the general topics being taught in regular schools with regular curriculum, parapsychology schools offer instructions in more interesting subjects like clairvoyance, psycho kinesis, hypnosis, extra sensory perception, telepathy, and so much more. This is because parapsychology schools let their students explore scientific domains which are unexplained by the laws of physics or the laws of biology.

If you wish to study parapsychology but enrol in a regular school or college, it is also possible. Some schools and colleges offer degrees in psychology and anthropology, with a strong concentration on parapsychology, under the instruction of a practicing parapsychologist.

If you wish to enrol in any of the parapsychology schools in the country, like what any regular school or college can provide, there are also various levels of education which you can obtain from them. Examples of which are the Parapsychology Certificate, the Diploma of Parapsychology, the Bachelor Degree in Holistic Studies or the Bachelor of Science in Parapsychology Studies.

Online parapsychology schools offer specializations in the history of parapsychology, psychopathology, remote viewing, research methods, publications and writing styles and capstone projects.

Online parapsychology schools can also offer courses like legal and ethical issues, mind, body and consciousness, spirituality and mental health, psychological testing, meditation, hypnosis and visualization, alternative psychotherapies, intuition and psychotherapy, past lives regression, and life after life.

Parapsychology schools offer college-level curriculum which includes channelling, psychic healing, vibrational healing, astral projection, theology, divination, spiritual healing, chakra therapy, near death experiences, sound therapy, spiritual development, astrology, angels, regression therapy, even ethical and legal issues concerning holistic care, or even business management. The courses that you can take up in parapsychology schools are very diverse and very interesting, and very much suited for students to equip them in the future in their chosen parapsychic and paranormal fields.

Parapsychology schools give you a lot of choices in the fields you wish to specialize in and the professional careers you want to build. You can choose to teach at a university or a college. You can lead a parapsychology research. You can build a career providing intuitive and spiritual counselling. You can help people through personal and life coaching. You can even provide law enforcement consultation. The possibilities are endless.  Take the road less travelled. Parapsychology schools just might be the perfect bet for you.


One thought on “The Road Less Travelled: Parapsychology Schools

  1. James Harold Hart says:

    Please help me locate Parapsychology schools that I can take on the internet. I am very interested, by the possible fields of learning who, I am, and away from snake oil sales people

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