The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50: A Review

Epson has introduced a new and revolutionary document scanner that will put all your scanning woes away for good. The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50 is a hardworking piece of equipment that will boost productivity and reduce costs for your business. Read on to find out more.

The Product

The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50 is a sleek, compact desktop document and image scanner able to scan up to 1200 sheets per day. This high-volume document scanner comes equipped with a 75-page Auto Document Feeder with dual sensors able to scan both sides of a document in a single pass. It can scan 25 pages per minute simplex and 50 images per minute duplex. For quite a compact desktop scanner, you can scan large size documents of up to 8.5” x 36” with maximum optical resolution of 600 pixels. Now that is a lot of scanning.

The Features

Full job names and descriptions are displayed on its two line by sixteen character LCD front panel.  The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50 also comes equipped with imaging tools such as the text and image enhancing technology called Auto Area Segmentation or AAS. This technology sharpens text documents and removes all background data from the scan for easier scanning of double-sided documents which have bleed-through images or texts from the reverse side. Auto Area Segmentation also segments the image elements from the text elements of a scan, scanning text elements in black and white, and image elements in half tone, preserving both text and image data simultaneously.

Its Color Enhance feature also allows the user to select and enhance a color in a black and white scan. That slightly blurred signature in blue ink will come out clear and crisp after using this scanning feature.

As for its Color Dropout feature, it removes unnecessary colors from a document during a scan. For example, when scanning a white sheet with a remark printed in red, you can choose Color Dropout Red to ignore all red elements from the page and produce a clear and all-black text. This feature will prove to be quite useful for those invoices, job order slips or application forms with unnecessary text printed on them.

The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50 also has built-in functions like automatic paper-size detection. There is no need for you to manually change the settings every scanning job or even guess what paper-size you are using at a given time. This machine can figure that out for you.

What is even cooler is that it also has functions like hole-punch removal (if ever you need to scan those documents or reports kept in thick binders or folders), automatic de-skewing and background color removal. This equipment just makes it all easier for you!


You all might be wondering that an equipment as advanced and as intelligent as this one ought to be a pain to install and operate. Wonder no more. The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50 is so easy to install! All you need to do is connect the scanner to your Windows or Macintosh computer via the hi-speed USB 2.0 port and it is ready to operate.

Comprehensive Software Package

The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50 comes with a comprehensive software package which includes ISIS and Twain drivers plus PDF, OCR, document management and business card management software and Cofax VRS certified. Also included is a great optical character recognition program called Abbyy Fine Reader 6.0 Sprint Plus and a document managing program called Nuance ScanSoft PaperPort Special Edition. For your personalized business card needs, there is also NewSoft Presto! BizCard 5 SE which you can use.

Reaping the Rewards

Because of the so many impressive things this equipment can do, I am not surprised why so many people are raving about this smart new product. It cuts your high-volume scanning time in half while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Increased productivity can only mean improved customer service. Improved customer service means more happy and satisfied customers. More happy, satisfied customers mean more income for your business.

Not only that, it maintains and preserves the integrity of your important documents in a very user-friendly, accessible and straightforward manner. Now what can be better than that?

Price Package

You can get this awesome product for a relatively low price of $399. Get savings as much as $50 when you buy online. This includes free ground shipping and $50 instant rebate. This also comes with the standard Epson 1-year warranty and the Epson overnight exchange program. You also receive a user-replaceable roller assembly kit to keep your scanner in tiptop shape without having to make those costly service calls.  Now this is really quite a steal!


  • Is it really fast?

It certainly is. It can scan documents at 80 pages per minute and up to 1200 sheets per day. It is quite impressive loading the documents in the scanner and returning for them after a minute or two to find them all done.

  • Can this machine really deliver?

Yes, imagine the high-volume of scanning this equipment can do (up to 1200 sheets per day) non-stop with no paper jams or manual adjustments. It is like having your own professional human scanner do it, only faster and more efficient!

  • Can I install the scanner myself?

Most definitely. The scanner comes complete with drivers and software and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. Just connect the scanner to your hi-speed USB 2.0 port and you are ready to install.

  • Will I be able to save money just by using this document scanner?

Yes, you will save a lot, just like I have! Everything you will ever need when it comes to scanning is right here in this piece of machine. Anybody can use it and it is very easy to set up. I am no techie genius myself but I was able to install it with no problem at all. It is very affordable and cost-efficient, plus a big time-saver. Not to mention that it does not occupy too much space in your office or your home.

My Recommendation

This piece of equipment is versatile and can easily handle a huge amount of paper-handling tasks. From business cards to difficult ID cards to documents up to 8.5 by 36 inches, it can accommodate different sized documents at one time, saving you so much time and money.

It comes with the standard Epson 1-year warranty and optional extended warranties. Plus they have overnight exchange programs to ensure that your business operations are never disrupted.

It produces high quality documents at an impressively fast rate and I have never been happier with this in my office to help me with the vast amount of everyday administrative work. The Epson Workforce Pro GT-S50 is completely reliable and truly an impressive little office helper!


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