Patio Designs: The Basics

There are hundreds of beautiful patio designs which you can find in magazines, in websites and in lifestyle shows on television. Beautiful patio designs can enhance the beauty of any home. Small cottage homes can look bigger with sprawling patio designs. Large homes can look even larger and grander with beautifully created patio designs. Extra living and hosting space are also created by well thought of and carefully laid out patio designs. You can do just about anything with your patio space. After all, patio designs can only be limited to the area space that you have, the type of atmosphere that you want to create, and the amount of creativity you put into it.

Patio Designs And The Works

There are so many patio designs that you can choose from for your home. For smaller homes with smaller areas, garden or front yard patio designs are the most popular choice. You can also opt for those charming courtyard patio designs if you have a nice little garden with a perfect spot for the sun.  There are paver and flagstone patio designs which you can also choose to make that space in front of your home come alive. If you love parties and invite a lot of people to your home on a regular basis, those decorative concrete patio designs will be perfect for you. They are great for hosting barbecues and dinner parties. They can even serve as outdoor lounges to sleep in or outdoor kitchens to cook in.

The Benefits

Having patio designs that work means additional and more flexible living space for your home. A patio can be an extension of your interiors and double as a dining or a living room, a reading room or a recreation room, even an outdoor barbecue or an outdoor kitchen. Great patio designs can turn an otherwise boring front yard into an amazing pebble garden. Great patio designs can also maximize the use of an otherwise unusable and unattractive space in your property and turn it into a working and beautiful living space.

Some Tips

Your patio designs should not look like just a slab of concrete strategically dropped on a space in your lawn. It should look natural, beautiful and not overly done.  The most functional patio designs should consider the amount of exposure to sun and shade. You must avoid placing your patio in a place where you get too much sun or too little shade. Otherwise, it would not be a very comfortable spot to lounge in on a particular time of day.

Also consider its proximity to the house. Remember, the patio is the extension of the interiors. You really do not want to walk a couple hundred meters from the kitchen oven to the outdoor barbecue when you are holding one of your barbecue parties, do you?

If you have one, put your patio somewhere with full access to a great view. Take advantage of your home’s view of the sunset, or the ocean, or the lake, or even the city lights at night. It will be a perfect backdrop to just about any kind of patio design. Make your patio designs work for you to maximize every inch of space. This is definitely one of the best investments you will ever make in your home.


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