It’s A Coupon Heaven!

For kids and even the kids at heart, nothing beats a day spent at a theme park. Families, friends, couples, even the biggest cranks, just find themselves with racing hearts and sweaty palms at the sight of crazy roller coasters high up in the air, mixed with laughing screams from the people riding them, and smells of cotton candy, caramel apples and sweet candies wafting in the air. One could only wish to visit these wonderful parks every weekend, if not everyday! But what if you’re a father of five and admission tickets cost a fortune? Theme park coupons can very well be your best friend!

You can find great deals on theme park coupons online. You can save as much as $20 off the ticket gate price when you purchase your theme park coupons online. You get to save a substantial amount of time avoiding long queues, too. Just go straight to the park entrance with the printed copy of your theme park coupons and you’re all set for a whole day of crazy fun.

Check the park’s website for promotions and vacation packages. Avail of money-saving options when you purchase theme park coupons for groups or when you purchase theme park coupons months in advance.

Also, when you head out to your favourite fast food joint or pizza parlour, keep your eye out for cross-promotions and discounts on theme park coupons. Some big theme parks offer reduced prices on theme park coupons when you purchase the Burger of the Day or the Pizza Surprise which they are currently offering. Even your favourite brand of cereal or soda can have promotional tie-ins with the big theme parks, so always be on the lookout for theme park coupons on your next trip to the supermarket. The more theme park coupons you collect, the bigger your savings!

For the much busier moms and dads who fly frequently on business trips and spend a lot of time staying at hotels, don’t forget to keep those complimentary travel magazines. You can find fantastic cut-out savings and deals on theme park coupons, as well as discounted visitor packages and entrance passes.

You can also get great deals on theme park coupons when you receive your monthly credit card statements in the mail. Visa has a tie-in promotion with Disney Parks, so you might want to use that card more often now to avail of great savings on theme park coupons in the future.

Lastly, if you have a few hundred dollars to spare, why not avail of the different memberships  to the big theme parks? Members get to enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts, and the more you use your membership card, the more discounts and free theme park coupons you accumulate. You can also use these member discounts and annual passes at big theme parks like Six Flags and all the parks throughout its chain. That’s year round savings on year round family fun.

With these simple and cost-saving ideas, a family trip to the theme park need not leave a huge gaping hole in your pockets.  It only takes a little planning, saving and wise spending to have that family theme park experience over and over again!


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