Community College: The Plus Points

The price of a good college education continues to rise steadily each year. Nowadays, more and more families are choosing a community college education over a university education for their children. These community colleges can be found all over the country, providing students with accessible, affordable and high quality college education.

What is a community college?

A community college is a publicly-funded institution of higher education for students who are living in the local community or within the vicinity. It can also be known as a junior college, or a technical college. It offers a wide range of courses of study, as well as specialized courses, personal enrichment classes for adults and summer educational camps for children.

What are the advantages of attending a community college?

  • The biggest advantage in attending a community college is the cost. Tuition in community colleges is much more affordable than in universities. This is because many of these community colleges are tax funded in part by the local tax dollars in the area.


  • Community colleges also have open acceptance policies. You can enrol for a course as long as you have your high school diploma or General Educational Development certificate. No student entrance examination is required.


  • And because most of these colleges are located in close proximity to the local community, they are also very accessible. Students can save a lot of time travelling from their houses to the college, and save even more money on gas and bus fare.


  • Most of the classes held in a community college are small classes. Therefore, students get to experience more one-on-one personalized instruction from their class facilitators. They get to benefit from and enjoy the facilities and resources like the library, computers, laboratories and other learning materials.


  • Community colleges also offer a variety of programs to meet a diverse set of student demands. Students have the option to choose a specific career trainingor general course which can equip them in attaining a bachelor’s degree or higher.

What is the difference between a community college and a 4-year college?

  • The major difference is the cost. Attending a community college is a lot less expensive than attending a university or a liberal arts college. You save a lot of money on tuition, on housing (because you need not pay for student housing since the college is very close to home), and on transportation. It is a more economical means of attaining higher education.


  • Another difference is the type of degree offered. A community college normally offers 2-year associate degrees, whereas a 4-year college offers baccalaureate or graduate levels.


What degrees can one pursue at a community college?

Some of the most popular fields of study offered in a community college include nursing, law enforcement, emergency medical technician training, firefighting programs, radiology and other technology fields.

Whether a student attends a community college or a 4-year college or university, it is important to study in a stimulating and inspiring environment. A degree from a big university does not guarantee a successful career or a wealthy future. Graduating from a community college does not mean less success and even lesser opportunities. Your education is your power, and it is all up to you!


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