Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

Part One: Why You Need A Bathroom Remodel

Next to a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel is the second most popular home improvement project in millions of homes in the country today, as far as home improvement projects go. Many have discovered the fact that the bathroom can also be an extension of the bedroom, and are finding ways of transforming it to a beautiful and comfortable space in the house instead of just a place to answer the call of nature. A simple bathroom remodel can totally give your old, boring-looking bathroom the instant facelift it needs. And if you are among the millions of adults who lead very busy lives, rushing to work and back home on a daily basis, manning the business, running the household while taking care of energetic kids, a bathroom remodel might just be what you need in your home to de-stress.

A simple bathroom remodel can provide you with your own private spa anytime you need a little pampering or luxuriating time. A bathroom remodel can save you hundreds of dollars on spa treatments and trips to spa resorts if you have your own spa right in the comfort your own home.

You envision your own posh, Bali-inspired spa, with candles and rich scents of oils floating around? How about heated floors or a steam bath? A bathroom remodel can do all these for you, and so much more. You can design it the way you want it, and install only the fixtures that you need. A bathroom remodel is a great investment. In the future when you do decide to sell your property, that bathroom remodel you had years ago can prove to be a great selling point.

The average cost of a bathroom remodel can be thousands of dollars. Although a bathroom remodel is not exactly cheap, you need not spend a fortune on having one. Many average-income households have taken on their own bathroom remodel projects, stayed faithful to their budgets and still were able to produce their gorgeous dream bathrooms. Anyone can have his or her dream bathroom. All it takes is creativity, planning and budget that is right in the pockets. Here are a few ways.

Part Two: Bathroom Remodel For Less

Before you start your own bathroom remodel project, it is important to first figure out what you want to be included in your new bathroom. Do you want a new bath tub to replace the old one? Do you want a glass panel or a new shower head? Do those blue tiles have to go? Once you have decided on what you want to be added or removed, then you can check if your bathroom remodel budget is sufficient enough.

If the bathroom remodel idea you have in mind is much more expensive than your budget allows, look for ways to save. Usually, the toilet does not get moved on a bathroom remodel because moving the waste line is just expensive and labor-costly. So keep the toilet where it is.

When shopping for items and fixtures for your bathroom remodel, consider buying stock items. They are way cheaper than those custom made ones. Also buy the ones that are currently available in stock rather than those that are not. They are cheaper and you can readily buy them without having to wait for the stocks to arrive.

If you decide to use new tiles on your bathroom remodel, use it judiciously. Place it on the most visible places in your bathroom, like halfway up the wall behind your vanity table or the toilet. The rest of the wall you can just cover up with a matching or a contrasting color of paint. It does the job and saves you a valuable amount of money.

Shop around. Do not limit yourself to just shopping for bathroom items and decors at home depots and warehouses. You can get great deals and fabulous finds in flea markets or antique stores. Keep your eye out for those expensive-looking soap dishes and vanity mirrors that can give your bathroom remodel project a truly exotic and luxurious vibe.

You can hire a professional contractor to do your bathroom remodel if you require a more major transformation. But if you feel like you can handle a simple bathroom remodel with the help of your well-meaning friends or relatives, you can do so, too. You can save a lot of money on labor if you take on the task yourself.

A bathroom remodel need not be a stressful and money-busting experience. Just follow these simple guidelines before starting on chipping off those ugly bathroom tiles, and you are well on your way to a beautiful and lavish bathroom experience.


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